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Photo by Andrea Brizzi

“CUBA, 400 Years of Architectural Heritage”

A few decades ago, I conceived the idea of a book on the Architecture of Cuba.

It was not an easy sell, then. 

Thanks to the efforts of my writer and collaborator Rachel Carley, and editors Roberto DeAlba and Micaela Porta of Whitney Library of Design, eventually “CUBA, 400 Years of Architectural Heritage” became a reality. 

It was the first photography book to cover the entire architectural history of Cuba, from the colonial to the republican to the revolutionary periods. Published in English, Spanish and German, it shows the remarkable diversity and legacy of CUBA that has been largely preserved through even the most difficult times. 

Photographing in Cuba was a labor of love and a wonderful experience for me.

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  1. Howard Wolff

    Congrats on the book, Andrea. Quite an accomplishment. Well done!

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